Monthly Archives: August 2013

“There’s something fishy”

I travel from Linz after a brief stopover in Hamburg directly to Spain in the beautiful, colorful city of Barcelona. There I will give in the Institut Gestalt as a guest trainer wingwave seminars. Although, I have been teaching now for the fourth year in a row in Barcelona, something seems to me pretty much Spanish. “It seems Spanish to me” is the German saying for “there’s something fishy”. Of course there´s nothing “fishy”, but the proverb comes just to my mind. There is a German book of my friend and linguist Dr. Corina King Linek entitled “das kommt mir Spanisch vor” which means translated “It seems Spanish to me”. It deals solely and alone with Spanish proverbs in a humorous way and shows what happens, when they get translated literally. Great fun! Of course it´s similarly with English and German sayings. Germans do not know “A fat lot I care!”, for example. They say “das ist mir schnurzpiepegal”, this means something like “This is extremely constantly to me” But there also exist similarities! “Where there’s a will, there’s a way“ can be translated literally. In this sense, I am looking forward to my trip to Barcelona and wish to any reader that they find themselves now in the summer time some new energy for new ways.