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Have fun at the World Cup?

Yeeeessssss – shout the fans but football stars and coaches often say: “It’s getting serious now”, putting on a correspondingly determined face.  According to our studies on the subject of wingwave coaching at the Cologne Sports College – carried out by qualified psychologist, Marco Rathschlag – an attitude embodied by: “If it’s important, we really get serious”, could even be an unnecessary hindrance to sporting performance.

The emotion “enjoyment” releases high performance potential.

The wingwave research results show that sportsmen unlock their highest physical energy levels when they experience enjoyment; they can jump their highest and run their fastest when they are enjoying what they are doing – it even applies to endurance sports. These results for physical energy are, of course, also extremely relevant if you want to be successful at football.

“If it’s important, you have to be serious!” – a dogma of many high-performance sportsmen

In the field of sports coaching, we conducted a simple check with high-performance sportsmen – among them football players – using the myostatic test, by testing the following statements:

  • “Sport is allowed to be fun.”
  • “Football is allowed to be fun.”
  • “A World Cup is allowed to be fun.”

The results give food for thought: when the word enjoyment or fun was paired with words such as “championship” or “competition”, the ring broke on nearly every sportsperson. The subjects tested were overwhelmingly and above all subconsciously of the opinion that these positive emotions have no place in those crucial moments when they have to perform. To explain the test: if a coachee is unable to keep the ring formed by his thumb and forefinger closed when force is applied to it while he is undergoing the myostatic test, this means: “The statement triggers stress!”

Resource coaching with wingwave for an inspiring belief system

This is the starting point for the wingwave coach to use targeted belief coaching to enable the sportsperson to experience their best possible strength and muscle control through the emotion of enjoyment at the very most important moment of their performance.  “A World Cup is allowed to be fun” tests strongly after the coaching and unleashes energy which gives physical strength and intelligent responses.

wingwave – an effective “stress buster” opens the door to sporting success

wingwave coaching in general is a successful, fast and lastingly effective “stress buster” against all types of stadium stress such as tension in the face of the bogey team, chanting from the opposition fans, media hype, travel and climate discomforts, to name but a few examples. Inspired by the football World Cup in Brazil, I think of the many sports coaching sessions which have led to success using wingwave coaching. In 2007 wingwave gave wings to the German handball national team, and they became world champions. Golfers, ice-skaters, sailors and dancers have also been able to triumph with the support of wingwave coaches.