Relaxation through self-organisation

Going back to work after the summer break can be a challenge for many of us when it comes to maintaining the level of relaxation gained on holiday. Maybe you’ve just been listening to the waves on the beach, and no sooner have you returned from holiday fresh and well rested, than a flood of emails is there to greet you at your desk. In the present day and age we find ourselves all too often at the mercy of a mass of information telling us that we have to be more and more productive. For many the response is even physical, and the information is experienced as a “mountain” or a “flood” in which they drown helplessly. These images show that our subjective consciousness suspects a natural disaster and sends stress signals to our nervous system. Freezing and a desire to flee are the consequence, and work becomes tough and laborious.

Always-on mentality as stress factor

Business emails are on the increase everywhere – it’s entirely practical to fire off your concerns and at the same time to copy in your colleagues and partners, regardless of what time zone you happen to be in. This permanent availability becomes an increasing burden. The so-called always-on mentality is a stress factor. There are even research projects devoted to the phenomenon of email mountains, and the IT sector is developing more and more programmes which are supposed to make it easier for us to handle them. It is of course helpful to create new ways of organising information. Outlook, for example, offers ways of structuring work with emails. The auto-correction option, the spellcheck function or the decision to use an easily legible typeface can make things easier. But of course changing the way we think is not so simple. Especially when things get hectic, we tend to fall back into old patterns of behaviour. Everyone should find a way to relieve the stress of everyday life on a permanent basis which is liberating beyond the annual holiday and which counters tension.

Freedom from stress

You can counteract the stress factor with a wingwave CD of your choice or the wingwave app, thereby preserving the freshness and relaxation brought home from holiday. Various measurements have shown that the specially composed wingwave music calms the physical sensations of stress within two to three minutes, and lowers the heart rate – even when you are active. So listen briefly to the music and only then open your emails, look at and process them. This strategy is also suitable for intense learning phases – pick up the material you are studying after the music has already “sunk in”. The result is that mountains shrink, floods become gentle streams, the subjective consciousness leaves the world of danger – and in this way a sensible workflow emerges which takes control of the little letters in the rectangular screens.

Wingwave music helps you to relax also when you are not on holiday, it releases blockages and brings demonstrable success. The free version of the app already contains a helpful guide to self-coaching.