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Fast Help in the Event of Fear

October 14th is World “Face up to your Fears Day”. Anxiety disorders are among the most frequent psychiatric illnesses. However, the emotion “fear” is at a first normal and sensible protective function of our neurobiology. Fear and the stress hormones connected with it increase in a matter of seconds the readiness to get oneself physically out of harm’s way immediately. Energy for fast running is mobilised, the heart beats more intensively, the muscles tense themselves for a sprint, the blood vessels in the upper part of the body constrict and those in the lower part widen for a better circulation of the blood in our legs. The cerebrum – the seat of our reason – is switched off so that all we can think is “Get out of here” and do not allow ourselves to be distracted from this by thoughts along the lines of “Let me just make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of my planned flight.” Too many thoughts hinder a successful flight – that was at least the case in the Stone Age. In today’s civilisation, however, it would be a pity should the brain of the examination candidate confuse the examiner with a sabre-toothed tiger and cease thinking as a result. In such a situation it is hard for us to appreciate the originally positive intention of fear as a lifesaver.

Cause in the Limbic System: Fear does not disappear from being talked about

The amygdala is responsible for strong feelings of fear. It comes in a double pack: two small paired cores in the brain of the emotions – known as the limbic system – which develop a particularly high degree of activity when the nervous system is highly excited. This area of the brain has no knowledge of language and is immune to well-meaning persuasion. One can explain to a person who is afraid of flying that, according to the statistics, the aeroplane is one of the safest means of transport – it will not do any good. We must rather find some other way of communicating to the amygdala and to the limbic system that an examination, an aeroplane or a certain place may be regarded as safe or neutral and that we therefore do not require the “Group from the Stone Age” in this instance. wingwave coaching therefore addresses the emotional centre directly and works precisely and effectively at source: the place where the feeling of fear is managed is also the one at which it is reduced.

Fears as “isolated blockades”: Emotions Coaching such as the wingwave Method can also help here

If an issue of fear does not block one’s entire life but merely strikes at certain moments, one speaks not of a psychiatric disorder bur of “isolated blockades”. Therapy is not always the immediate necessity in such a case. Research has repeatedly shown that a mere two hours of wingwave coaching can offer effective help in neutralising fears lastingly. Here, the coach works by harmonising the collaboration between the two halves of the brain, which enables one to deal with the fear blockade autonomously. Individual coaching and fear management with the aid of wingwave music – such as when working with the wingwave app (iPhone and Android) or with music from the online-shop are available on the wingwave shop.

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